Typo in the manual setup yaml?

HI all,
I recently upgraded our Speckle Server. Thanks for all the updates and progress! amazing work as always! :smiley:

I followed the steps for the manual setup, but I had to edit the docker compose yaml ever so slightly. I received an error starting the frontend service that port 8080 was already taken. I had to change the ports to (notice the first 80, and not 8080 as is written in the suggested yaml file:

  - ''



Hi @JJanssen

Thank you for the feedback.

I believe it may be clashing with the Traefik service, which may have been optionally deployed in step 4 and also uses host port 8080.

I have also previously noticed this error if you start (up) the docker compose, then bring it down, and then up again in short succession. There seems to be a delay by docker in freeing up ports on the host machine, so the ports from the first deployment are still taken when starting the second deployment which causes this error.

Your feedback has led me to notice a separate problem with our documentation, in that we are not consistent with the port numbers between the two example docker compose files. I’ll get that fixed to be consistent, and align both examples to port 80 which does not clash with other services in our documentation.



Thanks for the quick reply, and glad I could help.