Trouble importing geometry from Sketchup to Revit

Trying to send geometry to Revit, but I get an error: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” Not sure where is this settings needs to occur

Hey @Tmr ,

Thanks for the report! Can you please share a sample model and/or stream so we can test on our end?

In the meantime, you could also try updating to our 2.12 pre-release versions:

Hi Matteo, not sure how to share in this feed, but send an invitation to the project.
Let me know if you have access.
Thank you

Thanks @Tmr I got the invitation, but the streams looks empty?

If possible, could you turn link sharing so others from my team can test it too?
You can do so by enabling “Link Sharing On” and pasting here its URL (or send me a private message if confidential):

Hi Matteo, i have enabled the links, let me know if its not visible. Thanks

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Yes, i can reproduce this on my end. I’ll create an issue and let you know once we fix it.

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Hi @Tmr :wave:,

We are delighted to inform you that we fixed this issue. We actually released a fully-fledged Mapper that allows you to convert your Sketchup objects into Revit elements. Take a look:

I hope Mapper helps you with the conversion from Sketchup to Revit. Feel free to share any feature requests and feedback😊.