Triangulating Geometry

I’m trying to bring geometry from Rhino to Revit, In the video below you can see that I can bring the geometry in fine using RhinoInside. When I use Speckle, the geometry is triangulated, is there a way to avoid this? (bonus content, if you try and receive Speckle in Revit with RhinoInside + Rhino.Speckle open it crashes haha, but that’s a silly workflow anyways):

Here’s a video (ignore the crash halfway through, I open up Revit and Receive the Speckle Stream):

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Hi @archgame!

Thanks for reporting both these bugs!

On the Brep triangulated result:

It seems that something is failing when trying to create that Brep in Revit. When a solid fails to be created, the connector will default to the mesh representation of that geometry (this will ensure that you actually receive something, as opposed to just not showing any result in the target application
We’re aware that Revit users quite hate how it displays meshes (we do to…) so we’re happy to have a look to see if we can fix this.

Since Breps are quite a complex thing, it’s difficult for us to test all possible cases. I’m hoping you could help us with that! Would it be possible to share with us the original Brep and the stream you are using to send it to Revit? (You can do so over private message if you prefer)

On the Revit Crash

This should not be happening, so I’m opening an issue in Github to track it. We’ll notify you here too when it’s fixed!
You can track it’s progress here: Revit/Rhino: Revit Crashes when receiving data using Rhino.Inside.Revit + Speckle Rhino · Issue #750 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

@AlanRynne Speckle

Here’s the 3dm file:

Thanks for looking into this!


Thanks @archgame ! We’ve tracked this internally as well, we’ll try to have a better look at it in the current sprint.

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Hey @archgame, we’ve got good news for you.

Turns out a small bug was introduced in the latest version that prevented Arc curves from being re-generated with the proper units (defaulted to meters…) which was the reason for this behaviour you reported (and a couple other users from the forum too!)

I’ll be merging the fix in today, so you’ll have it on the next release! If you need it sooner, you can always tell the manager to notify you about beta releases of connectors, which have a faster release cycle

Thanks again for taking your time to report this :smiley:


Hello Alan!

I have a question about triangulation. I was doing some speckle testing.
I’m using Rhino 6 and Revit 2020.

I have this surface planes to generate walls. This two of are extrusions

But when i send them to revit they don’t translate in walls and get converted in a triangulated mesh.

It could be a bug. Or maybe is my narrow knowledge on the plug-in :sweat_smile:

Now, i’m adding this volume and send it as a direct shape wall

But when i go to revit, one of the extrusion are missed and the other one is not triangulated?


This time, i’m adding a spline extrusion to send it as a directshape facewall

But when i send it to revit this extrusion (1 & 2) where not there and one of the walls had a brep plane in the core center (3)

Then i pressed receive again and #1 extrusion appeared and #3 brep disappeared.
Then i pressed receive one more time and the extrusion #2 appeared.

There must be something in the code that is having problems with extrusions
Sorry for this long post. I like testing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey Johan!! Nice to hear from you!!! I hope everything is well :smiley:

Thanks for reporting this!! I’m not sure what could be happening there, could you send me the file you are using (or the parts that are breaking) and share the stream url with me too? I’ll try and reproduce exactly that behaviour.

No need to apologise for the long post! We love well reported errors :partying_face: As this does seem to be a completely different issue than the original. I’ll open a new GitHub issue for it.

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Here are the files i used:

My speckle stream test:

Great! I’ll have a look sometime this afternoon! Meanwhile, I noticed your stream is private, could you set it to public, or add me as a reviewer?

My stream is public now!


Hi @Johan_Navarro_MA , quick update to say that I’ve looked into this and you are correct, RhinoBIM was not handling extrusions. Just finished adding extrusion support with our upcoming 2.2.3 release, thanks for being patient for the fix!


Oh nice! Thanks a lot! i’ll be looking into it :eyes:

Getting some triangulation issues on some geometries and not others (using the most up to date Grasshopper plugin, setup was very easy!):

Files are messaged to @clrkng @AlanRynne