Transferring parameters to DirectShape Speckle

This is a discussion moving from our email conversations concerning setting & getting user data.

Thank you for the webpage you have shared (, this is really useful!

However, I am stuck at transferring the parameters in my BIM model. I have a Speckle model (from Rhino) carrying geometries with 3 parameters (strata name, friction angle, cohesion) for each geometry. These parameters are not transferred to DirecShape Speckle.

How to I transfer ALL parameters to DirectShape Speckle? What type of data should I link to the Parameter of SBC? I did the following trials but dont work:

  • Get User Data → DirectShapeMesh of SBC
  • Get User Data → Parameter of SBC
  • Get User Data → Expand User Data → Create Custum User Data → Set User Data → Parameter of SBC

Thank you!

Hey Didi,

thanks for cross posting here. The below should work, note that:

  • you’ll need to get the latest version of Speckle (1.8.15, it includes a bug fix)
  • the parameters you want to set need to exist for the Revit Category you are assigning

Dear teocomi,

Thank you so much! I will try CSO later and get back to you afterthat.