Token issue with FE2

Big fan of the new naming system and the nested branching.

Has the speckle API been changed to interact with the new front end? I’ve been using the following code with a new token from the FE2 but I can’t get the account from token, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

speckleServer = “”
api_token = “”
server_url = ‘
client = SpeckleClient(host=speckleServer)

authenticate the client with a token

account = get_account_from_token(api_token, server_url)
branch_id = client.branch.create(f"{stream_id}", “new_model”, “new model description”)



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Hey Ed, welcome to the forum!

No breaking API changes have been introduced as part of the rename; all the existing endpoints and SDKs should keep working for the foreseeable future.

What error are you getting? Does the token have the required scopes?
Does it work if you use instead (same test server but using the old frontend)?


Thanks for the help Matteo; that has resolved the issue