The problem of 8 chairs "Objects of type $TextDot are not supported"

I am in Rhino,

and I have 8 chairs to commit. If I commit all the chairs together I get “Objects of type $TextDot are not supported” however if upload first the 4 chairs and then the other 4 chairs there is no issue. Why ?
SM: 2.1.10
Rh: 2.2.2 at Rhino7

Hey @Dimitrios.Ververidis,

This does sound weird, it would help to have a peek at the file with those chairs.

I’m assuming there are no text dots in your file, right?

Anyway, even if they were there, it shouldn’t disrupt the conversion of the other objects. Is the final result in speckle correct?

The warning you are seeing is just to inform the user that something was not converted and why, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that something went wrong during the process.

Anyway if you send us the file I’ll be happy to double check! You can send me a private message if you prefer :+1:t2:

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I am not very well familiarized with Rhino.
I have no idea what a TextDot is. Also neither do I know what a Hatch is which I found in your guide tha is not supported.
I have mainly two issues:

  • Too dense models with many vertices can not be committed (endless loop)
  • I see that 3D models that do not have internal vertices, can not be committed (probably a hatch)

As regards the TextDot, I have to ask the architects in order to share the file
I will be back soon.


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