The Attribute speckle_type in IFC Models

I have uploaded some IFC files and receive the data via API. But the attribute speckle_type is not displayed the same as the value in Speckle Server.

In Speckle Server there are IfcWall, IfcWindow. But in API there is only Base Type.

Could you please fix it, that we can also get the speckle_type in order to orgnize the data better.

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Hi @Sicheng_Zhu, unfortunately that’s how stuff works in Speckle land. Longer explanation on why this is happening:

  • when we convert the ifc file, we do set the type to be IfcWall, etc.
  • in .NET, when receiving the data, Speckle looks for a type called IfcWall, and finds none
  • that’s because we haven’t implemented the ifc object model as strongly typed classes.

It is a legitimate request, and proably the easiest way to fix this is in the conversion of the ifc file, where we could store the type under another property that wouldn’t get overridden at deserialisation.

I’ve logged the issue and we should be able to pick it up one in the next weeks.

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Hi Dimitrie. Thank you very much for the answer and logging the issue! I am looking forward to using the updated IFC version for further implementation!