Tekla connector

Can not download Tekla Strucutes Connector now.

There is no options for download in Manual Installaion

And Speckle Manager isn’t loading TS Connector page :c

Hi @Maks_T!

It seems we have a problem with our automated release of the Tekla connector, that is causing some unexpected errors on manager and the release page.

While we fix this, you can go ahead and download our latest Tekla release from here:


Thanks for bringing this up! We’ll get it fix ASAP

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This issue has been fixed! :smiley: You should be able to see the current (and previous) versions of the Tekla Connector now, though you may need to:

  • Hard reload your browser if you’re looking at our releases page
  • Restart your manager if it still doesn’t show the Tekla page properly

Hi All, @Reynold_Chan !

Do we have possibility to select exported parameters from Tekla model, like we do while exporting IFC files? If we think of speckle as a data hub - this shall be keystone of exporting options for Tekla.


Hi Pavel,

Right now the connector does include all User Properties by default, so your custom defined fields. But not the Report Properties i.e. the native Tekla ones like you show. But I agree this would be a great feature to include where you can choose which properties you want!

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