Targeting all properties of objects

Hello all, concerning the method

client.StreamGetObjectsAsync(streamId, "fields=type,hash").Result;

how would I formulate my query to target all the objects that are included in a stream? As far as I understand, the speckle api is able to exactly recreate the speckleobjects that were put in the stream, right? In this case, if I remove the fields or change their values i get either an error or no significant changes in the reply. I would be grateful for any guidance.

client.StreamGetObjectsAsync(streamId, "") blank query should return the full objects. There’s a bit more info on this aspect of the api here: (see section on queries!)

It seems on first look, that here, the same problem occurs with the reflection methods not working. Not a hundred percent sure if it is the same cause :thinking:

Since previously you’ve made the mistake to send me code to reproduce this with, I’m going to ask for the same thing again :wink:

There’s a bit of a ghost in the shell moment: the cli project works perfectly well for me, no errors!

Wow that is awkward. :smiley: Then it could be some of my framework setup that causes the problems?

check again for misbehaving dlls. maybe speckle got updated and carried along some non .net core ready kits again? as well, delete the bin and obj folders in your solution folder, clean solution, etc. to make sure nuget packs are as specified…

I think this here might be the old ref

As in other projects, SpeckleCoreGeometry weirdly doesnt reference the old SpeckleCore

use “manage nuget packages for solution” and move all of them to 1.7.0-wip!

Indeed! The solution was to use the new versions for all of the projects, even if they did not reference speckle before. So all of them have to have version 1.7.0-wip of SpeckleCore and 1.3.2 of SpeckleCoreGeometry

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