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Just a quick thought - being able to read .json data files created and used by Flux, could potentially save a lot of people a lot of data. It is fairly easy to download the data from server to .json files. If these could somehow be read by Grasshopper components or uploaded to Speckle and then used this way, that would be cool.

Cheers Rasmus

Not sure how i missed this! (note to self: add discourse integration to the slack channel). I defintively think this should be done, and I’m also sure this is possible.

Does anyone have a sample data dump file from flux?

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Hi Dimitrie.
I thought that i had saved some, but I can’t seem to find it.
Maybe instead of taking over directly - speckly could work on a more principle take-over :slight_smile:

Basically being able to use Speckle within Dynamo to fetch and send simple geometries and data between Grasshopper and Dynamo?

Best regards Rasmus

That’s in the works! Dynamo is coming soon :slight_smile: It’s unfortunately not entirely up to me, I’m trying to coordinate this a bit so it actually happens…

SOUNDS GREAT :slight_smile: Looking very much forward to it.

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hi @dimitrie do you have an rough ETA about when we can expect Speckle functionality within Dynamo? Thanks!

Hey @daviskantor, I estimate having a first beta version ready in the next couple of weeks. That means basic geometry support, no trimmed surfaces/breps, data trees or user data just yet…

If you want to contribute the code is in: GitHub - speckleworks/SpeckleDynamo at Matteo/dev

awesome thnx @teocomi

An alpha version has been released, you can get it from the Package Manager. @daviskantor

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