T0: One or more errors occurred. Why?

Hi all,

I’ve recently come across an error when sending data from Grasshopper. The sender runs for a bit and then returns “T0: One or more errors occurred”.!

  1. Any idea what’s causing it? 2. Is there any way for me further investigate the error and get a better understanding of exactly where it’s happening?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @wilham_MM! That cryptic thing means something went wrong during sending (we probably won’t win any nobel prizes for literature in error message writing…). We have the usual :sweat_smile: questions when it comes to this:

  • which server are you using?
  • which version of the connectors are you on?
  • what’s your suuid? you can find it in manager, under settings (to get there, there’s small gear cog button in the top menu of speckle manager)

As well, if this is caused by any particular combo of geometry/objects from gh, a sample file would be great!


This makes me think we should really add the reporting features to GH and Dynamo too!
Cc @AlanRynne


Yes! :raised_hands:t3: I think accessing the reports in GH/Dynamo would be great!

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Hey @dimitrie, thanks for getting back to me.

Glad to know it’s not just me who found it a bit cryptic haha.

We’re using Speckle XYZ v2.3.2 server.
Grasshopper 2.2.2 connector.
suuid is d2cb5313-e618-4359-a1e2-db398b0b31c6

Unfortunately I can’t share the the particular file that it was erroring on, but you are probably right about it being a certain combination of geometry-objects as the same script has worked on other files fine.

Okay, I think i found the error in our tracing system (for our team’s reference, it should be one of these).

Is there a way to isolate the offending objects in a way that doesn’t breach confidentiality and send them over? We’re gearing up for a new release and we’d like to nail this one down :sunglasses:

Otherwise, we could try to schedule you and @AlanRynne / @clrkng for a quick debug call (sorry to put you guys on the line!)

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