System.Typeload exception -Revit export

I am trying to export to Speckel from Revit using set selection method and setting current selection but I am getting a error and not able to export any object from my model .

Error pops up:

System. TypeLoadException - Could not load type 'Objects.Organization.Moder

from assembly Objects, Version= 166, Culture=neutral,


even if I select a single piece of duct not in an assembly or anything it won’t work.
any help would be appreciated.

Hey @B.Kaiser ,

Seems like you’re not having a good day with Speckle -sorry about that!
This also sounds like a DLL conflict, any chance that you have installed an older version of the Dynamo connector or that you have other old versions of Speckle laying around?

Hey @teocomi when you say dynamo connector do you mean older version of dynamo?
I just installed Speckle yesterday. I have a lot of add ins and additional programs that I use with Revit. Took me 4 hours to sort out the first part this morning, I really have no more time I can put toward diagnosing it right now.

Hey @B.Kaiser, apologies for the time sink, there is very little we can do to prevent conflicts with other plugins.

From our logs it seems you might have a mismatch of the version of the Revit connector installed (2.14) and the Navisworks one (2.15). Could you try removing it the Navis Connector or just ensure they both use the same version?

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Thanks @teocomi really appreciate you responses, i’m up and running! looking forward to integrating Speckel into our workflow!