Surfaces/Polysurfaces into Dynamo

Hi Dimitrie, thanks for this great plugin.

I’m having quite a lot of success importing points, polylines, curves and meshes to Dynamo, however surfaces won’t import , i guess this is known and possibly just the way surfaces are imported into dynamo, they do show on the web viewer so the data is going up the cloud but coming null into Dynamo. Was wondering if there is a way to get them through through though. There are some kind of surfaces that dynamo can read well (SAT or rhino file surfaces go fine into dynamo using Sat import or Rhynamo), but it would be great to send over Speckle could do it.



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Heya @jf15! sure. we’ve lost some steam over the summer, but for sure it’s something that will have to make its way into the core offering. We’ll get back to it!

The viewer works with a hack, essentially every brep/nurbs surface being sent via speckle gets a mesh representation too; ideally we would streamline all this jazz in the future.


Any updates on this? I am trying to send some Grasshopper surfaces into Dynamo but somehow they are being sended as meshes. I think I heard in one of the webinars that speckle handles breps?

Hey @gokermu !

We parked this some time ago (the issue is 3y old :)) since we didn’t think supporting surfaces in Dynamo is a priority, given that most families in Revit are point or line based…
As well, our Revit connector supports receiving Surfaces and Breps from GH and Rhino.

If you can give us a bit more context around your use case and needs we case look into re-adding it to our backlog!


Oh, sorry for waking this topic up🤣
Basically I am trying to create some walls using Grasshopper surfaces. I have tried to send Grasshopper curves directly to Dynamo but somehow Wall by Profile node in Dynamo gives warning. What I want to do was send Grasshopper surfaces to Dynamo, extract curves of those surfaces and use that curves as an input in Wall by Profile node by Wombat.

Anyway, when this didn’t work, I have created walls using Speckle Schema RevitWall by Face. Eventhough it created the walls just fine, I am hesitant about creating walls by face.

Gotcha! Thanks for the info & no worries about waking the topic up hehe :slight_smile:

I think that using the curves directly is the best approach, especially because developing support for Dynamo surfaces is not a trivial task and would not guarantee that the Wall by Profile node will work!

A safer approach could be re-reating the curves from points, rather than form surfaces? Or maybe simplifying them in GH before you send them?

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