Support of Power BI viewer's work on a custom server

You have created an excellent product, and I would really like to try applying it for monitoring construction work production. The idea is to use it for collecting reports from subcontractors and then analyzing the obtained information.
Due to corporate restrictions, I have set up a private server following the instructions described here: Deploying a Server - manual setup | Speckle Docs
To test it, I uploaded a model from Revit 2023 onto the server. I did not encounter any issues with uploading the model to the server

This model is accessible via the following link: The data is open on the server as public

The model loads into Power BI, but the visualization does not work. However, when I uploaded the exact same model to your server Viewer - SRP - Speckle, the visualization started working

A partially similar issue was already described here, Power BI 3D Visual on Custom Server but I still have a question. Does the private server support visualization in Power BI, or is this feature unavailable? If it does support it, what steps did I miss?

If it does not, do you plan to add support for private servers?

Thank you.

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hey @Kirill ,

I am getting a 404 error when trying to access that model.

Just for the sake of testing, can you upload a smaller model and share its URL so i can try reproducing the issue. Receiving this huge model takes quite a while.

Hello. I have uploaded a small-sized test model. It is available at this link: Viewer - Test2 - Speckle. I have also uploaded the same model to your server at Viewer - Test3 - Speckle

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Hello @Kirill,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I was able to replicate the issue you reported and will now proceed to create a ticket to track it. While we’re working on a solution, I suggest using our Public server as an alternative. Thank you for your patience and understanding.