Support for modifiers

I really enjoy using Blender when modelling terrains. I often combine a sculpting workflow with a Boolean Difference of the building. If I didn’t have to apply the modifier that would save me a step and make the workflow slightly less destructive.

That’s interesting! To actually send the data out, we will still need to apply the modifier in the background somehow. We’re not really blender experts - maybe there’s a way to actually get the “modified” mesh already?

Good question, when exporting an .OBJ out of blender there’s this option:

But I’m not sure if that’s a options that each exporter has coded into it or if that’s a method that Blender has made available. The .FBX exporter has different, but similar, options:

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Okay, I’ll drop this into @izzylys 's lap to prioritise, quantify and investigate (in whichever order she prefers :smiley: ). I suspect that if those exporters can do it, so can we - via a similar option toggle in the speckle plugin. She will follow up in due time.

(we just started a new sprint down here so we’re a bit hectic atm)

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