Support for Blender Cameras

Hi there! So blender has the power of open source development and with that a bunch of cool addons that are really helpful. One of those is support for Fspy, which does perspective image matching. It would be great to be able to send an image matched camera from blender over to Rhino and vice versa.


Hey Roi!

Thanks for the suggestion, Speckle already supports Cameras/Views so if your goal is to just send that to Rhino it might be relatively straightforward! @izzylys is now quite busy working on a release of the ArchiCAD connector but might be able to check if it’s feasible :wink:

Regarding the image itself, we do not have support for textures but maybe it’s not needed?

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Yeah the texture wouldn’t really be needed, it’s just moving views between the two packages. It would also make a bunch of sense to get NamedViews from Rhino into Blender, when handing off wishes for views to render in Blender. I’m really loving the workflow possible when designing in Rhino and then importing that into Blender with correct materials and everything. UV maps are pretty hit or miss, but that’s decently easy to solve with Tri-planar mapping.

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Awesome, thanks for clarifying! I’ve logged it internally and we’ll discuss it before the next sprint: