Support feet and fractional inches units in Revit

I’m getting an error “Unit System is unsupported” when trying to send elements from the Revit connector to Looks like it works beautifully for a project that either was started using metric or was changed to use metric after it was started in Imperial units.

Speckle Manager version v2.0.27
Speckle Revit version 2.1.8 & 2.1.9-beta (tested both)
Dynamo Connector 2.1.9-beta

Revit 2020
Windows 10

I saw somewhere (can’t find the thread now) that the issue may have to do with Rhino.Inside.Revit, I have tested it on a computer with Rhino.Inside (and many other plugins installed) as well as on a different machine with a “clean” install of Revit and I’m getting the same error. In Dynamo the error simply says something like “Cannot convert type Revit.Element.Walls to Speckle Object.”

Would love to be able to use Speckle on some U.S. work- thanks in advance for any help!

The full error message from the Revit Connector is below:

The current Unit System is unsupported.
at Objects.Converter.Revit.ConverterRevit.UnitsToSpeckle(DisplayUnitType type)
at Objects.Converter.Revit.ConverterRevit.get_ModelUnits()
at Objects.Converter.Revit.ConverterRevit.CurveToSpeckle(Curve curve, String units)
at Objects.Converter.Revit.ConverterRevit.LocationToSpeckle(Element revitElement)
at Objects.Converter.Revit.ConverterRevit.WallToSpeckle(Wall revitWall)
at Objects.Converter.Revit.ConverterRevit.ConvertToSpeckle(Object object)
at Speckle.ConnectorRevit.UI.ConnectorBindingsRevit.d__9.MoveNext() in C:\Users\circleci\project\ConnectorRevit\ConnectorRevit\UI\ConnectorBindingsRevit.Send.cs:line 85

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Ouch! Imperial units should be supported, can you please send me your template or an empty project so I can try myself (don’t have US templates installed)?
Thanks Nick!

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Just sent. Thanks so much!

Alright, as I presumed, Core is not currently supporting Feet and Fractional inches:


Here’s our unit class and the Revit converter unit class.

I’ve tracked it here. Should be a pretty simple fix on our side, will either tackle it in the current or next sprint. Will keep you posted!

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Thanks so much for looking at this so quickly!

Confirmed that decimal feet translate fine