Structural sections/properties from Grasshopper

Hi. I can send grasshopper geometry to a stream easily enough. However, can I have some help on how to allocate sectional properties to elements?
I’m using a Structural Model node, but unsure how to feed info to Property input (or how to build it up). Ultimately, I just want to be able to say that these elements are a 203UC46 and those are 203UC52.
I’m trying to take Structural info from my Karamba3D analysis and pass it onto Excel, Revit (and ultimately GSA) as I’m starting with exploring Speckle.
Thank you in advance.

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Hi Faysan ! welcome to the speckle community

So the answer to your question depends on which software you are going to recieve this in. (As of now this is how it’s set up, it may change in the future as we’re still working out the kinks/details of how we want to define sections catalogues more uniformly across softwares) . So if you are passing it into excel, you should be able to define the property however way you want. If you are receiving it in Revit, make sure that the definition of the property matches and the family is already defined in revit already. Likewise in ETABS. Look at this tutorial for an example for how to define structural sections/properties for ETABS. This will differ from GSA since GSA has a different catalogue name for these sections in general.

The best advice is to send an element with properties into Speckle from the host application that you wish to recieve it in, and look at it on the web viewer and explore the data so that you’re defining it properly and as expected. This link will give you an example of properties sent from Grasshopper for ETABS.

Let me know if this helps !