Structural rebars object

Hi, I am new to Speckle and noobie in C# (I feel more comfortable in Python), and I would like to make a converter (a connector could be a next step) for Idea StatiCa RCS (Reinforced Concrete Section).
Thus, following the developers’ guide, I need to create a package with an object model and set of converters - functions translating native Idea IOM object to the generated object model and vice-versa.

I am curious if anyone worked with reinforcement for structural software and thus can give me ideas to make the object model as generic as possible.

I am aware of rebar objects for Revit and Tekla, though, they seem to be a bit too detailed, in Idea, rebars will be just a point location in the cross-section (2D analysis).

I am open for any recommendations and guidance.

Kind regards to the great Speckle Community,


Hi @MaciejW !

Welcome to the Speckle Community and awesome to see you making a converter for Structural software.

My suggestion is to read a bit about our Structural Object kit here: Introducing Structural Classes for Speckle!. Basically it’s a good idea to inherit classes from other objects in a pyramid approach.

Do you have any plans on publishing this converter/connector or just using it for internal use ? If you plan on publishing this converter we can discuss more about how to create a better structural object model to support IdeaStatica more.


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