Stream Showcase


I’m curious to see how other peeps in the speckleverse have been pushing into their streams. I’ve been interested in seeing how Speckle will be adopted in a project setting, since using streams with a git-ish structure is a new approach to the AEC world. So! I thought I would put together a thread for all of the homies + homettes to share the amazing stuff they’ve been tossing into their :speckle: streams :potable_water: (clearly we need an emoji for streams)

I’ll kick it off :fireworks:

I’ve been recently working with team to do some view + sun shadow analysis. There are two disciplines cooking up models, the landscape team that is mainly working with Rhino and the architecture team situated in the Revit world. The full model is very heavy and easily crashes our machines without filtering or using worksessions, which is a bit of an issue for us since we need to compile all the models into Rhino to use our analysis tools. In the past we would have to export .obj or some shit like that and load them into :rhinoceros: and do all the necessary clean up, but this lame since it ends up creating a lot of manual modeling work for a model that is isolated from the main project team. :face_vomiting:

We ditched the .obj and setup a plan to push all of the model data from each working group into one stream. We outlined a basic structure for the stream so it has a branch for each major piece of content, something like arch, context, landscape, analysis. So far I pushed the Revit content into two streams and was pretty damn happy with the result.

here is the site context :waffle:


Seeing this model pushed into a commit really made me happy, and was the motivation for throwing together this post :smile_cat:. Revit was not a fan of selecting this whole model, You can check out the stream here Boston City Hall Stream.

I gotta push in the model data from rhino still to bring in the landscape, then run the analysis that will be pushed into a separate branch. It’s very satisfying to see all the project data, including the analysis that typically gets set to the side in our special lil’ kids table, into one stream that brings all the different teams together. :hugs:


Holy wow, that’s a cool model!


Just looking at the filtered brutalist beams from that model gives me architectural shivers and echoes of some yet unwritten dystopian novel.

I mean look at it, it’s almost a menger sponge! Kudos for sharing :bowing_man: