Stream preview not showing


Are other people able to see the preview of a stream they have created because I’m not able to? Or am I missing something? I also tried it on the xyz server and in Firefox as well as Chrome.

I am able to see the preview of the example stream from the docs ( via Stream Preview Images | Speckle Docs), but maybe it is showing because it is an old cashed one?

Not sure what’s up, perhaps the preview service is a bit swamped. We’ll look into it (ping @cristi / @gjedlicska). It might just be that that service is still on holiday, or recovering post NY celebrations…


Hmm, there was an internal error in the Preview generation microservice and it wasn’t working as expected.

I did a quick temporary fix so that the previews are generated and will look deeper into this.
(it has a queue of preview generation tasks, so the previews for the streams in question should appear after they’re generated - without re-uploading the objects)

We’ll also improve monitoring on this kind of situations so we’ll know in advance if something is not working as expected.

Thanks for reporting this!

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Thank you Dimitrie for the pings. And Crisiti, thank you for giving the preview service a quick hangover cure!

Now it’s up again, I have another Q. What objects are supported by the preview service?
Because this commit contains a few geometry objects:
But the preview only shows the curve:


@JdB hmm, the preview service actually uses the viewer to load the object in a headless browser and create a screenshot basically.

So any objects that are supported in the viewer should also be in the preview.

There is a small race condition that we can improve on: After the viewer loads the object, we wait for a little bit (70ms) and then create the screenshot.

Apparently, sometimes the viewer doesn’t get the chance to render the scene after loading the object in 70ms.

We will increase the time to wait after the viewer loads the data, so it has the chance to render everything before taking the screenshot.

Unfortunately, this change will only be online in the next server release.
Also, the previews that are already generated will not be regenerated.

Question: Does it happen often? do you consider this urgent?


Thank you for the explanation!

I think I noticed it a few times with meshes (simple stuff like lines etc. appear to work fine). You can also see it in this example stream: Speckle (I made you owner if that might be useful).
The preview appears to be missing almost all meshes:

As far as I’m aware it’s not super urgent.

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Oh, so it happened more than once.

Ok, so I will prioritize this and try to look into it a bit more and include the fix in the next server release (probably next week)

Thanks for the stream examples