Strange bug in Speckle Rhino

we are trying to use speckle on rhino. However one of our teammates have a strange problem with Speckle. I don’t know how exactly I should define it, but on the speckle panel in rhino the fonts are not in the right place and format and more importantly, speckle is unable to find the server (neither on default hesita server nor on our studio server).
We tried reinstalling both speckle and rhino and both are the latest versions (Rhino 6.25) but it didn’t help.

Hello @ArianSDF! This happens, unfortunately, when the material icons website is blocked. This is exactly how my UI looks if i’m debugging locally without an internet connection.

Can you check for any over-eager firewalls? As well, I can confirm if this is the case if you send me a screenshot of the inspector network tab (you can open it by clicking on the ck in the plugin’s title, from speckle).

Hello @dimitrie, thank you for your answer. I’m experiencing this problem. This is what my inspector network tab looks like. Can you tell what’s the problem?

Hello @anna, thanks for the screenshot. We’d actually need to see the network tab:

  1. click on the network tab on the top
  2. click F5 on your keyboard to trigger a page reload

You should see something like this:


Okay sorry @teocomi, that took me while to understand and find…I hope thats the right tab now?

Great, so if you scroll up in that list you should see an item called icon, is it red? Or shows any errors?
Another thing you could try is connecting from a different network and see if the problem persists…

Anyways, unless there’s a firewal or VPN blocking that resource, I think the ony solution is for us to embed it in the Rhino connector. I’ll have a look and let you know…

I’m sorry, it’s not there. There is no item called icon. I’ve searched for it via the search function (Strg+F) but it’s not there. I used my phone’s hotspot but it was all the same…

Update: I found the solution. You were right, it was the firewall. I just restored the default for my firewall and now Speckle is working. Unfortunately I don’t know which setting caused the bug.

Sweet! Thanks for posting an update, now at least we know who to blame :slight_smile: