Stacked Walls and Curtain Walls received under wrong category


did some test here from Revit to Rhino. i dont know why, but the stacked wall is under Rhino’a layer “Curtain Wall Panels” and the real curtain wall is under “Walls” layer.

here the url if you can check : Speckle

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Hey @YienChao :wave:,

I requested access to your stream.

Ok, It seems like there might be a small hiccup with the stacked wall that could potentially be affecting the receive logic. I’ll reach out to our developers to look into this further. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to report this.


Still the issue and from my point is a critical one! Revit holds stacked walls components in 2 places: both as regular walls and panels. Speckle must at least read elements of category “Walls” and better ignore corresponding “panels”.
For now it looks impossible to determine purely in Speckle what is a real curtain panel and what is a part of a stacked wall, because an element “stacked wall” is not even in data (not in “Walls”, nowhere).