SpecklePy - Number of commits doesn't change

Hey guys,

Basically, I created a simple script that shows how many commits are made in a stream. I authenticated using a token. But I think I made something wrong. Even though I see 12 commits in the server, I receive only 10 in Python? Do you have any idea why this might be happening?

You just need to pass in a parameter to fetch more than 10, which is the default limit!

For instance: specklepy/stream.py at 944e70221e07decb9314c72282ccab4ded7f768f · specklesystems/specklepy · GitHub

Happy hacking!

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Is there any way to remove that limit other than inputting a really high value?

Nope, that’s by design to protect the server. What you can do, if you want ALL the commits is iterate until you get all of them by using the totalCount and cursor properties.
Now, the cursor doesn’t seem to be exposed via the python SDK, so you’d have to use the GraphQL API directly…
Let us know which way you wanna go, as we can add support for it!

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