Specklemanager download button doesn't download

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to download the Specklemanager but when i click the button on the site, no download pops up. I turned off my addblocker and still the same problem. Is this maybe a bug?

Kind regards,


Hey @DonnyRH,

Did you try downloading the manager from here or inside the web app? What browser are you using?

Hi Nikos,
It seems to not work on my virtual machine but it does work on the host on which i’m running the vm.

Interesting, maybe some browser security settings are preventing downloading the manager. I just checked, and I can download the manager both in MAC and Windows. Try downloading another app (.exe) and see if you have the same problem.

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Here’s also a direct link, just in case: https://releases.speckle.dev/manager2/installer/manager.exe