SpeckleGSA 11.1


Arup is pleased to announce the release of SpeckleGSA version 11.1, which is included in the latest Speckle Structural Suite Installer. The version of SpeckleGSA works with GSA 10.1. Big thanks to Nic Burgers and Hugh Groves for this amazing release!

Key changes in SpeckleGSA 11.1 and SpeckleStruturalKit 1.1.4 are:

  • Support for GSA 10.1
  • Dropped support for GSA 10.0. (If you are still using GSA 10.0, do not upgrade)
  • Improved support for walls with opennings (new meshing algorithm!!)
  • Support for lists
  • Support for gridlines and grid systems
  • Bug fixes for loadings, releases
  • Improved messages in the UI
  • UI improvements for those of you using small screens (the SpeckleGSA window now fits on a typical laptop screen!)

edit: This release has been tested with SpeckleCore 1.8.3 - we recommend that you first install the main speckle installer, then install the SpeckleStructuralSuite.