SpeckleException: https://speckle.xyz is not a compatible Speckle Server

Hey guys,

Python beginner here. I am trying to create my first Python based web app using Streamlit and SpecklePy. I was working with it just fine until I get this error👇.

any idea why?

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Hey @gokermu.

I’ve never seen this error before (at least not with a valid speckle server url!)

Could you show us the code where you setup the account and get this error? :slight_smile:

Anyway, maybe @izzylys has some insight on this while you get back to us!

with input:
    #3 columns for 3 inputs
    serverCol, tokenCol, streamCol = st.columns(3)
    #input variables
    speckleServer = serverCol.text_input("Speckle server URL", "speckle.xyz")
    speckleToken = tokenCol.text_input("Speckle token 16 digit", "087fea753d12f91a6f692c8ea087c1bf4112e93ed7")
    streamId = streamCol.text_input("Speckle Stream ID", "43d7583f20")

    #Speckle Client
    client = SpeckleClient(host=speckleServer)

    #get account from token
    account = get_account_from_token(speckleToken, speckleServer)

    #authenticate using the account

    #get commits from Stream
    commits = client.commit.list(streamId)

    #convert commits list to Pandas Dataframe
    commitDF = pd.DataFrame.from_records(c.dict() for c in commits)```

st stands for streamlit. Btw, I made the connection and received the data before. But now, for some reason it gives an error?

Hi, that exception should have an inner exception with more details.

Basically it tries to make a basic graphql query (get the server info) that fails for some reason.

Can you access https://speckle.xyz in a browser?
Looking at the inner exception also would give more information

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I think I got it. I changed the wifi I was connected. Now it connects. It was probably because of the network in our office. It might be some security limitation they implement.


Btw, I can connect to speckle.xyz using browser. Weird enough, it doesn’t connect in Python.

Oh, ok… if you happen to dig more into what’s blocking the request, we’d love to know so we can enable working in any environment.

Might be worth trying to ping speckle.xyz directly from command line/python and see if it’s blocked by a a firewall/group policy of some sort?

I think this was on our IT dept. It works now :slight_smile:

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