Hello everyone,

I am working on a stream with where I can create data in a Grasshopper script which I will use in an other Grasshopper script. But there is an error on the Speckle Receiver.

On the image below there is shown that I determine if the first, second or third sender will send the data. The other two senders will be disabled with the MetaHopper. In the second image i’ve got the receiving side (this is the output of 2 scripts with the same set up as above). As you can see i get an error on the second receiver (but only on the first index of the first two lists).

Can someone help me with this?

Hey Rober,

Welcome to the forum! It seems like you are on Speckle v1, which we are not supporting since the roll out of Speckle v2, any chance you can upgrade and try with the new one?
It’s more stable and has a bunch of new features as well!

If so, you can skip the waitlist by registering directly from our public server.

Hello Teocomi,

First of all thanks for your reaction. I am not sure if I am using Speckle v1 of v2. But I am using speckle on a local server.

Second, I’ve signed up for the Beta test of the v2. But can I use the v2 and still be on a local server?

Hi Robert, it might be faster if we jump on a quick call so we can poke in what you’re doing. If you have the time, i’ll hang around in here: https://meet.google.com/mwe-rphg-byv for the next 20 mins or so.

Let’s try and figure out if you’re using v1/v2!

You can definitely run v2 locally, just check out this guide: Deploying a Server | Speckle Docs

Make sure you are using v2 connectors (the ones distributed via Manager) with a v2 server (the one linked above).