SpeckleBlender not visible in Blender 3.2.1

I updated to Blender 3.2.1 and now SpeckleBlender is now longer visible in the 3D viewport. What is the latest version of Blender that can run SpeckleBlender?

We are not supporting Blender 3.2.x yet. I believe latest version we support atm is 3.1.2. I am gonna ping @izzylys so she can confirm.

hiya! as of a few weeks ago we do support blender 3.2 though you may need to update / reinstall in order to get it

if a fresh install doesn’t work, I would be grateful for a bit more info eg if the files are present in your blender 3.2 addons folder and if there are any errors in the terminal?

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Thanks a lot! Reinstalling solved the problem. I uninstalled it manually but for some reason it was still noted as installed in the Speckle manager. Anyway, I pressed uninstall as well and reinstalled it and now I am back in buisness.

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