SpeckleAdmin Prev Ver Persists After Update

Hi All~
I recently updated one of our Speckle server to current ver (Core/Admin). When visiting domain, the previous SpeckleAdmin ver loads–evident by fact that there is no access to ‘Admin’ area (appears as TODO).
Any thoughts on this @dimitrie?
So far it seems to only be this server, as I’ve updated another and all went fine…

ADD – I can confirm that that I have upgraded two other servers and they are working as expected. It appears to be happening on 1/3. Environments are all same, versions all same, etc–otherwise all servers identical.

If you’ve been the first person to register on that server, you’re the administrator, so the “admin” part of SpeckleAdmin should show up… Otherwise, it might be a case of need to hard refresh (ctrl + shift + r) to jiggle the browser’s cache into the future!

Let me know if this works!

Solution: dump (del) existing SpeckleAdmin in plugins, fetch new, edit perms, and restart pm2 service.

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Thanks a million for following up with the solution too! (here’s to hoping everybody’s going to do this!)