Speckle.xyz not accessible from workstation bc of certificate

I’m keen to see my data at speckle.xyz. But since it’s http, not https, my workplace’s digital policy won’t allow my browser access to the site, it is deemed “unsafe”. Any suggestions on what to do?

Thx in advance! :slight_smile:

Oh, i’ll answer my own problem, it works with the adresse https://app.speckle.systems/, so i’ll go with that. Will leave this post here for some days, if others have the same problem. Mods, feel free to take it down, problem is solved on my part.

Hi @Tue_Kappel_KEA

It should be available at https://speckle.xyz/ or https://app.speckle.systems/ (the latter uses our new design) - we do not serve any Speckle site via the http protocol.

If you are still experiencing issues accessing https://speckle.xyz, please let me know.