Speckle.xyz disruption earlier today (2022-10-27)

Dear Specklers,

speckle.xyz suffered an unplanned partial outage for 4 minutes starting at 10:29 (UK time) today. In the given time window the speckle.xyz frontend and Speckle Connector based operations, including sending and receiving, were affected by the service outage. This most likely caused partial or complete operation failures. We’d firstly like to apologise for any disruption caused during this time.

We were alerted by our monitoring systems that one part of speckle.xyz (the backend server) was not responding at 10:29 (UK time) this morning. We took immediate action to recover the affected services and these were fully operational by 10:33.

We are continuing our investigation to identify the exact root cause to allow us to prevent similar problems in the future.

We have also taken steps to improve the resilience of our system - we’ve identified improvements in our live monitoring and system observability to help identify potential problems sooner, allowing us to respond before the system performance degrades and reduce possible disruption.

Once again, we are incredibly sorry for the disruption earlier today.

The Speckle Team