Speckle Web Viewer not showing Isolated Objects

I’m trying to use the isolate function to see some of the analysis I’ve done, it’s worked in the past before but not sure why it’s not playing ball this time?

Here you can see my objects have the colours and everything needed in the viewer when nothing is hidden:

However when I click to isolate a study it shows me nothing:

I’m uploading it with grasshopper and converting it to a speckle object first before extending it with the analysis results:

Bit stumped at what could be going wrong here

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It seeems like when I put the ID of the element manually in the URL I can get the isolation to perform correctly. I think when I’m clicking on the filter, it’s doing something really really weird:

Hello @shuzmm

It is strange indeed. Could you please share the stream (or any stream which exhibits this issue) with me so we can look into it?


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hey @alex here’s the stream below:

Hi @shuzmm

Thank you for the stream. The issue is now fixed and it’s already available on speckle.xyz


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Hey that’s awesome thanks for that, what was the issue in the end??

Glad to be of help. There was a bug in how we gather the candidate nodes for isolation. For some stream hierarchies, like the ones you have, it didn’t gather all the correct candidates