Speckle Viewer Sliders

Hey guys, I’m new to Speckle and have what I hope is an easy question to answer. Do I have to have Rhino and Grasshopper open to change the remote accessed sliders in the Speckle Viewer? After looking at previous posts I’ve managed to get it to work, but the sliders disappear when I close GH & Rhino when trying to just use the stream online. I’d ultimately like to embed a viewer on a website, rather than GH & Rhino, for friends to look at designs and change parameters. I’ve gone through the forum and docs but haven’t found an answer other than something posted two years ago. Thank you for any help you can provide!

Hey Jake,

Yes, that’s indeed how that functionality works, the calculations run in Grasshopper and Rhino, Speckle is simply triggering the updates from the viewer.

We’re not planning to support running gh definitions in the cloud anytime soon, but you can check out other great solutions from our friends at Hypar or ShapeDiver / Swarm.

Hope it helps!