Speckle Viewer is more than an Object Loader

Hi, I came across speckle while trying to visualize buildings in three.js. In the past I used the IFCLoader to loader models into my scene. At first I thought that the Speckle Viewer would do the same but then I recognized that it is a whole viewer on its own but built also on three.js. Is there something like a speckleLoader which could load a speckle stream into my three.js scene? If not, any hints how I could built it?

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Hi @VinzenzTrimborn & welcome to the community! The Speckle Viewer is a whole viewer on its own because of the scope and ambitions behind it. Unfortunately we don’t have a standardised three loader (yet), but @chloesun did work it through for a very cool hackaton application!

Check this thread out: