Speckle v2 with Revit Dynamo issue? Add on not visible in Dynamo

After installing Skeckle v2, the revit and the dynamo connector the add on is not visible in Dynamo. Is this a known issue still to be resolved?

Speckle manager v2.0.28
Revit 2021
Revit Dynamo

Hey @FGnl ,

Welcome to the forum! I noticed that our installer was only targeting Dynamo 2.5 in Revit 2021, so I’ve just added 2.6 and pushed a new version out.
You should see an update in Manager for a Connector Dynamo v2.1.14, if you install that it should then run in Dynamo2.5 as well.

Please let me know if it’s not the case!


Hi Matteo, Thanks for the quick reply. I updated Revit (to 2021.1.3) and now it works actually. I also see your update and I’ll install that as well. But I think I was missing some updates in Revit. Hadn’t updated version 2021 for a long time.
Thanks again.

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Yes, I think the service pack you installed updated the Dynamo version as well, that’s why it started working :slight_smile: Great to hear you’re up and running!

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