Speckle v2 beta access

Hi there,
is there a chance to get into Specke v2 beta? I’ve submited form last week and no response - hence the question :slight_smile:

PS - thing you might want to look at:
the narration on Specke webpage is kind of confusing I think personally: when I go to v1 webpage it says “why bother using v1 if there is new version?” but while you go to v2 webpage it states “v2 is in beta and actually you need an invitation to start using it”. So from end user perspective there isn’t t actually a production ready alternative for v1, right?

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Hi Pawel!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We’ve just started sending out invites and will do a second round next week. We’re doing so in batches to make sure we address everyone’s feedback and can support all beta users equally.

I’ll make sure you get an invite in the next round, alternatively, you could ping @daviddekoning as Arup is evaluating v2 internally as well.

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