Speckle-UE5 Added functionalities

ok, after a week of development, I have managed to comply with the new Speckle for UE5 logic.

My contribution is

  • the ReceiveStreamsOperation.cpp that receives all Streams.
  • a new Struct for saving Streams information.
  • a Blueprint for Receiving the Streams at once


Here is the fork

StreamId = “” (the empty string, perhaps we can remove the necessity to have it as obligatory field)


Also the Branches is completed
There is no need to put the SpeckleId as it is already embedded inside the Server Transport

Also, the list of commits is also done. I can now fetch the list of all commits for a certain Stream branch.

Receive my User Data (e.g. Name, Company, Role) : Done

Fetch Globals Done

Now with Stream, you can fetch collaborators