Speckle Systems, Flux (R.I.P) , Web3, AI, digitalization and the future of this

Maybe some of you know of another project called Flux, which started from a group of ex Google developers and If i am not wrong, tried to create a similar connection standard in AEC industry but unfortunately didnt survive.
I know about Speckle maybe around the same time i heard of Flux, but i havent got into it it untill recently although i missed a connection like this from time to time

For example, I felt like Grasshopper was and now is even more, like the Father (or Mother) of parametric design so everybody wanted a GH for Sketchup, a GH for 3DS max, a GH for Archicad, a GH for Revit, etc. Some of these became real, either as direct connections like it happens with Revit (RhinoInside) and Archicad-GH or as a separate built in plugin like with Dynamo.

Speckle feels like the Big Sea which links this whole ecosystem and makes all wishes come true and by the way, since we are in age of the Metaverse, i think Speckle is indeed contributing to it and building it as a technical or workflow framework and hope you are aware of this.

I am courious how do you see the future of Speckle and community growth and mass adoption because I think its still very small compared to the potential it has, at least judging from the Youtube audience.

Also if someone has an insight or opinion on why Flux didnt surive back then and if you think now its a better time (and i think it should be) for interoperability, collaboration and data exchange, especially in the context of Web3, digital twins, artificial intelligence, e-government and digitalization. (This sounds really heavy i know :slight_smile:)


I think there’s quite a few old timers here who should remember Flux! I remember when they came out of stealth mode. Speckle was still it’s infancy as my research baby at UCL, and I had a bit of a soul searching park walk: should I ditch Speckle, and just piggy back on Flux for the stuff I needed for my research in digital design communication? You can guess the outcome of that question :slight_smile:

We are aware. We see Speckle as open digital infrastructure for 3D data. We’re walking a fine line balance between delivering a technical foundation as well as an appealing, focused product.

There’s no one true answer to this question, and answers will vary. Flux paved the way for Speckle, and we’re extremely grateful for that - it opened up AEC mindshare to the digital present. We’re pushing beyond that here, and slowly trying to drag 3D data into the future :slight_smile:

As to why it failed, it boils down to simple business reasons - timing, financials, ambitions. We’ve looked at this extensively, and talked with quite a few x-Flux people before and after we started the company around Speckle.

There’s a huge difference between us and Flux we can easily talk about: we’re 100% open source (and were so, from the start). This changes the dynamics and perception around Speckle dramatically:

  • you own Speckle, you own your data and always have a choice where it lives
  • by building on top of Speckle you enrich an open ecosystem, rather than a closed one

We can’t wait to tackle all of these. We’re 2 years in from company foundation, and 5 years in the OSS project dev work, we’re literally just at the beginning :boom:

PS: Thanks for the kind words! We’re always excited to see people getting excited around Speckle. If you and anyone else wants to help us push our mission forward, we’re hiring!


I think one in more reason flux die becuase it close source , speckle is going fast and precisely because it’s open source this depends on the development of the community more than a team, i think speckle will change the industry again :slightly_smiling_face:


I didnt know that you oficially started as a company only 2 years ago! But actually you can tell that something big is happening since then because I started to see more hints about Speckle on other forums and discussions.

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Speaking of this and the metaverse, I just had this thought that you will go further with the 3D viewer and maybe at some point achieve PBR shading qualities and other features?
That would make a case for very unique and dynamic space for alot of the industries around AEC and even beyond. This space is really a common ground for alot of industries, not just construction and engineering at least not in the “classical” way.


Yes, actually @alex is working quite hard on refactoring the whole 3D viewer, improving performance as well as features around proper materials support, lighting, SSO, shadows, sections, etc.


Thats great to hear! I can see Speckle going very far and i think its really game changing. Lets hope that people are ready for this too but the fact that one of my friends told me he got asked about Speckle at a job interview its a good sign :grinning:
I will definitely spread the word about it, and also to people who might be interested to join your team as well.