Speckle stream max size

I was just wondering if there’s a limit on the size of a stream?

This is a classic simple question that has a difficult answer!

Speckle 1.0

In 1.0, you’re stuck with mongodb’s limits. We store each objectId that’s part of a stream in an array field, so if those ids take up more than 16mb you’re out of luck.

Speckle 2.0

No more structural limits. You will be limited by what you can keep track of in memory, though the SDKs now make handling this more efficient.

We’ve tested 2.0 with sending and receiving 200k+ default gh mesh spheres to give you an idea, or a brep with a mesh of 2M+ vertices/faces, and 100k+ edges, etc. (@AlanRynne found the perfect brep here :sunglasses: ); gh was becoming unusable at those scales.

Does this help? If you have a specific application in mind, I could maybe provide a more tailored answer to that.


Thanks… 16mb of IDs seems like PLENTY

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