Speckle Sender & Receiver

The Speckle Sender is one of the two basic Speckle components. What it does is very simple: it sends data to other Speckle Receivers.

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Hi !

I am currently new with Speckle works and trying to figure out just the basics in sending and receiving data (eventually aimed to implement this on the hololens).

I am having problems receiving the data. On the documentation (https://speckle.works/doc/senderreceiver/) the receiver component has an input param. (A). However in the latest version of the speckle works I am unable to see the input parameter, hence any data that is being sent cannot be seen on the receiver. Any idea on what I am doing wrong?

Hey @Gowtham_Mohan! It looks weird. A couple of questions: did you install the plugin from the .rhi, as documented here: https://speckle.works/blog/specklerhinoplugin/ and made sure you’ve deleted all previous speckle folders from gh’s libraries folder?

Otherwise, copy paste the stream id here and i’ll try and have a look later this eve.

Hey @dimitrie , thanks for your reply, I just reinstalled the plugin as well as re imported all the gh libraries and it started to work now. Pretty weird, but not complaining! Must have been a problem from my side.

Thanks a lot!

It’s entirely our fault. We switched some time ago to the rhino installer as de facto deployment and I didn’t have the time to update all the docs, resulting in this confusion…

Hello there,
my question is also Sender Receiver related, so I think I post it here optimally:

I want to have a friendly User Interface on our homepage to enter the data we need for GH
this should be transmitted in real time to GH on a cloud service (ideally via Speckl).
Grashopper should then be connected (in the cloud) to Dynamo for the visualization
Data renderings should run in the cloud and results shall be displayed in the User Interface again.

I heard it is possible to send the data from a web front end to GH: How though?

Thanks for any advice.

All the best, Charly

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Hey @caroline_sturm! That’s a long chain; web ui :arrow_right: gh :arrow_right: dynamo :arrow_right: gh :arrow_right: webui.

  1. @mswaidan and me implemented some basic sliders in a browser stuff, that could be embedded as you want (check his tweet). He might pop in and explain a bit more.
  2. the whole thing could be done as you say, but bear in mind that we don’t have “defintion controlling” functionality for the dynamo plugins.

For just gh enabled workflow, just right click the component and select “enable compute requests” or something, and then go the online viewer and unfold the stream’s controllers pane.

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Hi Dimitrie, thank you for the fast support and the message that it is possible! I will let you know how far we come, all the best, Charly

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