Speckle sender children


I hope you are doing well.

I have a question and I don’t know that is a bug or It is because of my lack of information. By right clicking on the sender component we can see a part named “children” and as I guess it is the history of previous data (please correct me if it is wrong). The problem is the children list gets too long after a while and I think this makes some problems for the sender component function, for example the calculation time increases and leads to freezing grasshopper.

Is there any way to disable adding children or clean the previous data?

thank you in advance for your help.

Hello @Mehrzad_Esmaeili_Cha, thanks for reporting this! You’re right regarding children. Unfortunately currently there’s no way of doing that - we were not expecting this to freeze gh, but i can see it happening.

I’ve logged it here: History submenu freezes GH component · Issue #304 · speckleworks/SpeckleRhino · GitHub


@dimitrie Thank you very much for your reply.

First, Let me explain what I mean of freezing. When the Speckle sender component is running for a while, it creates a lot of “children”. When I tried to right click on this component for “Force refresh”, It takes a lot of time to appear the menu and one time leads to freezing the GH.

Second, thank you very much for your great application, It would be great if you could add more control over “children” part in the next versions. Also, It is great that speckle supports Python API. I think it could be possible to use python in order to have more control over the history and children.

@Mehrzad_Esmaeili_Cha thanks for the feedback! If you have any specific ideas on how you’d like “children” streams to behave in the future, please let us know here or on Slack, we’re all ears :ear:!