Speckle Rhino Plugin Release

We are happy to share that the Speckle Rhino Plugin has now passed some quality checks and is ready for testing! You can now send data through Speckle directly from Rhino, to any other Rhino file or Grasshopper definition.

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There have been some reports on object selection not getting through in Rhino when creating a stream. I haven’t been able to reproduce, but from distant memory I remember this happening on first initialisation if the speckle panel is not open yet, and you already have a selection ready.

Maybe @luis encountered this too? I tried to reproduce and nada. If there’s more reports (and reproducible steps), we’ll file a bug - do shout

Hello, I’m trying to install Speckle, did Step 1 but don’t understand about Step 2. What’s .rhi and where it is? it doesn’t appear ?!

Hello @aji, it’s a pain, but that guide is outdated. Follow this one instead: https://speckle.works/log/speckle-guide/