Speckle --> Revit - Levels bug - old levels not 'replaced'


One of the very powerful things of speckle2.0 (to my opinion) is that when an structure is ‘received/updated’ via the speckle2.0 component all, ‘old’ geometries are replaced when there is something changed.

Unfortunately I noticed this is not working for the ‘Levels’.
So e.g. I first ‘Receive’ a model in Revit with levels with the following Z- coordinates:
Level 0 = Z=0
Level 0 = Z=5
Level 0 = Z=10

When I hereafter modify the levels in my parametric script to e.g.
Level 0 = Z=2
Level 0 = Z=7
Level 0 = Z=12

and ‘Receive/Update’ the model once again in Revit, the following levels are present:
Z =0

In other words: the ‘original Z-levels are not deleted’.
I think this is a bug, or am I doing something wrong? :sweat_smile:

Any suggestions?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello @GH007 ! I think this might be by design actually…
If you can please show me how you are creating the levels we’ll look into it!


Thanks, yep see example file below.
2202-02-19 Old levels also shown in Revit.gh (19.4 KB)

The project was started with the level coordinations shown A.

After a while the levels are modified to levels B ( the levels can slightly change during a project, for multiple reasons).

Hereafter I would like to see ‘only’ the ‘last defined’ levels.
Personally I see no reasons why the original levels should be still in there?

In reality this would mean that the user has to manually delete these levels (manual means: time & potential errors :wink: )

Or what do I mis?

Besides 1 more thing :see_no_evil:, I noticed that levels are ‘only shown’ when there is an element referenced to.
I would say all levels which are defined in GH-Speckle should popup in Revit. (regardless of an element is present in that level or not).

Thanks again!

Thanks for flexing our connectors, it really helps us improve Speckle :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed this, and you’ll see it in the next release as well. Here is a description of how levels are updated:

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I have a question

Why does levels get accumulated when sending objects from speckle rhino interface to Revit?

Am I missing something?

It’s like speckle is creating a level for every object sent.

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Hi @Johan_Navarro_MA ,

Can you share the stream or the file you used? So we can simulate the error on our side and fix any problems.

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This is the link of the specific stream from main stream to rvt.

ok, i can reproduce this on my end. Maybe @teocomi can help with this? For some reason it generates all these levels that are basically at the same elevation? And when received again, it creates even more levels.
Received second time :point_down:

PS: Looks like it creates a level for each object.

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Hey @Johan_Navarro_MA, thanks for pointing out this bug to us. We found the problem and have fixed it. If you upgrade your revit connector to version 2.6.5 via the Speckle Manager, then everything should work correctly. Let us know if you have any other issues!