Speckle --> Revit - Levels bug - old levels not 'replaced'


One of the very powerful things of speckle2.0 (to my opinion) is that when an structure is ‘received/updated’ via the speckle2.0 component all, ‘old’ geometries are replaced when there is something changed.

Unfortunately I noticed this is not working for the ‘Levels’.
So e.g. I first ‘Receive’ a model in Revit with levels with the following Z- coordinates:
Level 0 = Z=0
Level 0 = Z=5
Level 0 = Z=10

When I hereafter modify the levels in my parametric script to e.g.
Level 0 = Z=2
Level 0 = Z=7
Level 0 = Z=12

and ‘Receive/Update’ the model once again in Revit, the following levels are present:
Z =0

In other words: the ‘original Z-levels are not deleted’.
I think this is a bug, or am I doing something wrong? :sweat_smile:

Any suggestions?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello @GH007 ! I think this might be by design actually…
If you can please show me how you are creating the levels we’ll look into it!


Thanks, yep see example file below.
2202-02-19 Old levels also shown in Revit.gh (19.4 KB)

The project was started with the level coordinations shown A.

After a while the levels are modified to levels B ( the levels can slightly change during a project, for multiple reasons).

Hereafter I would like to see ‘only’ the ‘last defined’ levels.
Personally I see no reasons why the original levels should be still in there?

In reality this would mean that the user has to manually delete these levels (manual means: time & potential errors :wink: )

Or what do I mis?

Besides 1 more thing :see_no_evil:, I noticed that levels are ‘only shown’ when there is an element referenced to.
I would say all levels which are defined in GH-Speckle should popup in Revit. (regardless of an element is present in that level or not).

Thanks again!

Thanks for flexing our connectors, it really helps us improve Speckle :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed this, and you’ll see it in the next release as well. Here is a description of how levels are updated:

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