Speckle React Starter

Hi folks :wave:

I was playing with Speckle Webhooks and building an app that would do some automation for users. In the process of working on this I built a React application that would integrate with Speckle directly and I figured any React afficionadoes might enjoy a starter they could re-use where needed.

Demo Gif

The code is a bit opinionated when it comes to folder structure but you should be able to make it your own relatively easily :slight_smile:

The codebase comes with the following โ€œbatteriesโ€ included:

  • Authentication to speckle server (can configure server url and app id/secret)
  • React authentication context
  • React user context and hook (so you can know whoโ€™s logged into the app)
  • React GraphQL context so you can pull an authenticated Apollo Client anywhere in the UI
  • An example React Hook to fetch Streams (or are those called Projects now? :thinking: )

Hope this helps someone. Speckle team, shout if you would like to take ownership of the code base, happy to gift it if you want to provide support to React nerds out there :nerd_face:


Nice practice, raise it up ! :wink:


Looks awesome @antoine! :smiley: