Speckle problem with Kaspersky Total security (firewall)

Speackle problem with Kaspersky Total security (firewall)
any chance to get this work without desable the firewall in Kaspersky ? thank you

No need to disable it, if you can tell us what’s the error/problem we can give you some suggestions!
Most likely allowing a few urls or apps might be enough :slight_smile:

eatch time

each time I restart speackle it asks me this message, so each time I have to disconnect the firwall to be able to display

using Kaspersky total security

Hi @Mayssa_Yasmina ,

Can you try following video below and adding these links to trusted URLs👇:

tryed all links with
and without

doesn’t work

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Maybe you can try adding manager to the list of trusted apps?


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Great it works, thank you