Speckle presentation at the OSArch.org Monthly Meetup

Hi everyone. I am Ioannis Christovasilis and have been active with the OSArch (www.osarch.org) community almost from the beginning, about a year ago. I am currently responsible to organize the Monthly Meetups, where we typically have a keynote presentation usually for an open-source project in the AEC industry.

We believe you guys are doing an amazing work and we would like to host you for one of our future Montly Meetups, if you are interested. The meetup is held every first Saturday of the month at 20:00 UTC and is quite informal. No hard rules, presentations with Q&A should be be kept within an hour limit and that’s about it.

We have currently availability for April and the following months, the invitation is ideally for April or for whenever you think it suits you better, as long as we can book the dates in time.
What do you think @teocomi @dimitrie ?


Hey Ioannis,

Thanks a lot for posting here and for the invitation, I’m sure various community members will be interested to participate in your meetups!
I took the freedom to cross-post at the bottom your next event (feel free to keep doing so in the future), it sounds really interesting and I’ll definitely be there.

Regarding a presentation on Speckle, we’d be honoured to participate please sign us up for April!

Next OSArch Meetup:

For the third Monthly Meetup of the year Gonzalo Casas will talk about COMPAS (https://lnkd.in/dQeaCyi), an opensource framework for research and collaboration in AE(F)C. Join us here https://jitsi.member.fsf.org/osarch this Saturday March 6 at 20:00 UTC


Sounds great! Thanks Matteo for the prompt response and for accepting!
So, we are good to go for April (April 3rd), benissimo!

Yes, I can certainly post upcoming meetups here, I will try and do that.

Thanks again and we will be in touch for the specifics.


Hi again! Just a heads up that in about a week ~ 10 days we will have the announcement in our social media for April’s meetup. Right now I have used this line from your site in the wiki’s upcoming events section (Monthly Meetup - Wiki.OSArch)
“… keynote presentation on Speckle, a cloud based solution for the AEC industry that provides honest interoperability, real time collaboration, data management, versioning and automation.”

If you would like to have something different for the announcement do not hesitate to provide me with your modifications as you see most fit.
Also, do you know who will be the presenter(s) during the meetup?
Last but not least, we usually accompany it with a representative image that is typically used as a background on top of which we provide some info, use it for the YouTube video thumbnail, etc.
Do you want to provide one or else we can take care of that?

Hey Ioannis,

We’ll get back to you on this soon!


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Sounds great! Cheers!
PS: by the way I loved the 20-character minimum limitation :grin:

Okay we got something :slight_smile:

“… keynote presentation on Speckle, a cloud based solution for the AEC industry that provides interoperability, version control, real time collaboration, data management and automation.”

Speakers: @dimitrie & I


Let us know if you need anything else!

Looks and sounds great @teocomi . We should be fine with this info or else I will get back to you.

Hi @teocomi there is a thought to move the meetup one week later, Saturday the 10th of April, as I realized that on the 4th of April there is the Catholic Easter, so at the moment we have been planning the meetup for the Holy Saturday (sorry event planning is not really my expertise :upside_down_face: )

What would you guys think about this possibility of moving it on the 10th of April, would you still be available? If not, no worries absolutely, we proceed as planned as it shouldn’t be such a problem really.

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Ha, we missed that too! For sure it’s not a problem on our end - perhaps it’s better, I’m sure people will have obligations to attend to that weekend (zoom with the whole family?). Thanks for letting us know!


Yes @dimitrie that’s the main reason, try to have as much audience as possible.
So, I guess we are aligned, we are officially moving the meetup on the 10th.
Great, thanks for the prompt response and looking forward to this event, I believe also quite a few members of OSArch.

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Hello @Community , it’s official: we are presenting at the OSArch.org Monthly Meetup!

Here’s the details:


Don’t miss it! Here’s the original announcement.


Hi everyone, the monthly meetup video has now been published in the OSArch YouTube channel and I thought it’d be nice to post it here. Thanks again Matteo and Dimitrie for your presentation, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!