Speckle Power Bi 3D Viewer Extremely Slow to Load Model

I am using the Speckle 3D Viewer to load a warehouse model. The model takes extremely long to load both in Power Bi desktop and service which is extremely annoying as I’ve got a date slicer on the visual and changing the date causes the the entire model to load again (takes around 30 seconds).

This really gives a poor user experience in terms of using the visual to question the data. My warehouse model is quite big, but I’m wondering if anything can be done to speed up the visual load process.

Hey @fasihulhaq ,

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Sorry to hear you are not happy with the performance of our 3d viewer visual. Can you please share the Speckle Model URL and Power BI file so we can try to reproduce the issue?

Speckle Test.pbix (2.9 MB)

I’ve attached the .pbix file. It just holds the 3d model without any warehouse data but if you select/deselect location names in the page filter you will see that the model reloads each time a filter option or slicer value is changed and it takes considerable time to load again.

This time is slightly longer in my .pbix file that holds warehouse specific data as well.

Hey @fasihulhaq ,

I’ve noticed that it takes a long time for it to open in the viewer. I’m assuming this is because it was sent from Blender, which doesn’t have instancing support (@Jedd to confirm). Because instancing isn’t in place, even though all the boxes are exactly the same, it takes quite a while to load them. Could you please try sending the file from Rhino, which does support instancing?

Alright, I’ll give it a go with Rhino and see what the results are.

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I can only download rhino v8 from their website and speckle doesn’t have a connector support for that. I have got sketchup but the speckle connector takes a really long time to open up and as soon as i press send the entire program hangs up indefinitely.


I tried uploading the model from sketchup but the connector is way too slow.


It took 31 seconds to upload just these18 blocks from sketchup to speckle. My model has 29,000 of these. Any time I select the entire model and hit send, sketchup connector freezes and I have to terminate the sketchup process.

Are these components or groups?

They are entities, not components.

Hi @fasihulhaq!

I’m a little confused about the term “entities” that you mentioned in your message. I’m not sure if it’s a SketchUp-specific term or if it’s something else entirely.

If you could also send me the source file that you’re working with, I’d be happy to take a look and see if there’s anything I can do to help. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


I think it is a sketchup specific term. Entities can be turned into components within sketchup.

I am attaching the sketchup file for your reference. Thank you.
Warehouse 21 3D Model 2.zip (5.3 MB)

Ok, thanks for sharing the file @fasihulhaq .

I see you are working with Groups within SketchUp.

Groups are not like components. When you have multiple groups, in this case 27000 instances, we have to convert each element one by one. If these were components, conversion process would be instantaneous as components are repeatable elements.

In this case, long times in send is expected as it is converting and uploading 27000 unique elements. Eventhough they are not unique in shape, their API representation is unique.