Speckle Opening in place of Project Browser

Ever since I installed Speckle it opens instead of the project browser. So I have to close it and open the project browser every time which is quite annoying.
Any way to have it open in it’s own separate window so both speckle and the project browser open?



Hello @Ian_Hartsook and welcome to our community!

Apologies for this, it should not be the case :thinking:… By default the panel should be in front of the project browser, so you can easily swap between the two:


You can also drag and detach the panel and move it elsewhere, and Revit should remember its position next time you launch Speckle.


Finally, the panel should automatically open only under these circumstances:

  • when the connectors is installed (and probably after updates)
  • when the document opened contains saved streams

Let us know if that’s not the case and we can look into it!

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Wow, so I learned something new today. I noticed in your post you were switching between tabs at the bottom on the screen. I never noticed that before, that is so cool! I can just switched between the windows that way!



AFAIR I was at one time not able to relocate the panel.
At that time the panel started to appear automatically I removed
Speckle at one point from Autostart.
But today,
I started it manually about an hour ago it seems to work !?

Edit, and usually the Panel appears for me behind all other Windows.

But BTW,
I am on M1 Mac Mini and Ventura …

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