Speckle not working in Dynamo 2.0 / Revit 2018.3

Hello All,

I was really excited to start using Speckle.

I am using Dynamo 2.0 and Revit 2018.

I used the Speckle installer and the package appears to be present in Dynamo.

However my installation of Speckle does not work.

Under my view tab in there is no Speckle panel and the Recieve node does not recognize the Stream ID.

On the Rhino 6 side, I have created a Speckle Account, the Panel appears and the Data is sent.

On the Dynamo side nothing is working.

Any recommendations?


Hey @M_Scott,

can we please check what’s the full Dynamo version under Help > About…?


We’ve moved the Speckle menu and it’s not under View anymore, but on the mian menu:


Finally, do you have any notification regarding dll conflicts? If so please share a screenshot.



As you can see, I have Speckle installed, however I dont have the Speckle Menu

My version of Dynamo

And what about the notification bubble, any conflicts in there?
It’d be also worth checking if Speckle is working in Dynamo Sandbox as it might be a conflict with another Revit plugin preventing it to run…